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Upon the subject of "obscenity":

Recently, the Gonzales' DOJ has announced that, due to Congressional mandate (read "Right Wing Mandate") they have devoted ten "Porn" squad agents to search out "obscenity" on the Internet, with special interest in Sado-Masochism, and other "offensive" subject matter like bestiality, child porn, snuff stuff.  As usual, the Right would lump us in with mass murders if they could find any connection. They understand us about as well as they understand evolution. Although they have tried over and over to prosecute "obscenity" in the past few years, so far they have failed. Most of the cases were merely thrown out of court. They are irrationally appealing one of these cases.

But, of course, there is nothing rational about the whole process. It is meant to intimidate and drive anyone who is a part of "alternative lifestyle" off of the Net. It doesn't fit into their Donna Reed Show paradigm of sex for procreation only, producing more and more republican clones to rule the world.

Unfortunately, for them, there are millions of us who were born, each with a brain,  and who have determined, individually, that we were different... different from the program envisioned by the "morality majority", which in fact is merely a raucous rabble.

So far, the Shofar of common sense has not been heard, drowned out by the bleating of the irrational sheep, shepherded by wild-eyed fanatics, fed from the cornucopia of hate of Ann Coulter and others of her ilk.

If you are over 40, hopefully you discovered Kinsey's book, "The Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" at some point. If you are under 40, there is still time. They haven't burned the book yet.

If you were like me, in the 1960's and 70's,  you needed to discover something insightful about gay sex and BD/SM sex for there was little that would tell you about yourself. The book was a very important discovery for many because it showed what we had always felt was true...not all human beings are alike. 

Kinsey, a biologist, had started his scientific interests with a study of the gall wasp. He had thousands of them and noticed that there were differences in this very small genus. That fact made him curious about human beings and what substantive differences there might be in them and their sexual proclivities. His book was a defining moment in American understanding of human sexuality. Before that book, Americans had very little idea of sexuality or their own bodies. Most didn't even have an idea of how to have sex, successfully, unless they had grown up on a farm and saw what other creatures do naturally without any guilt feelings.

It is the Right Wing ideologues who are driving the DOJ and they can't believe that Kinsey had any idea of reality. It is they who also find the idea of evolution so repugnant and would much rather ascribe their presence on the planet Earth to magic and a collection of fables. The Right Wing would have us all return to the time of blind ignorance, pre- Kinsey. They blame Kinsey for acceptance of "homosexuality, abortion, pornography and condom based sex." These are all an anathema to the Donna Reed disciples, who find sex an inconvenience to be put up with to have children. Was there ever a society more sexual naive and repressed than the America we live in or rather the one the Religious Right would have us live in?

Frankly, it is their vision that we find obscene. America was founded on the principle of ensuring human rights from oppression. We're not forcing our lifestyle upon them. We don't require that they come to our sites and look at our pictures, movies and stories. People who come to our sites do so because they have a like interest and they find it comforting and interesting to discover other men are like themselves. Hopefully, they find our works sexually interesting and stimulating. And THAT'S OUR BUSINESS, not the business of the Religious Right, which is so unsure of itself and its own precepts that they want to convince everyone else that they have the "only way." People truly comfortable with their own beliefs don't have to convince anyone else. They may offer their belief structure as a path, but they don't have to force everyone else to believe in their "way," merely to plug the holes of reality in their dam of religiosity.

What we present on these sites is a lifestyle... the lifestyle of men into bondage. For us, it is a way of life. For most of the men involved, it is the driving force in our lives. It has been since we were old enough to ejaculate. We celebrate our lives as joyful ones enjoying our way of life, not forced upon anyone else.

Our vision is not obscene. Our pictures, movies and stories are not obscene. They might be sexually stimulating, but what they are mostly is mentally stimulating.

This is America, land of Freedom, supposedly. Of course, freedom has boundaries. We don't have the right to burn your house down. You don't have the right to steal our cars. Society doesn't have the right to restrict our freedom of speech or enforce one belief structure upon us. As long as we don't infringe upon the rights of another member of our society, our thoughts, our expressions of our sexuality and lifestyle are our business. If you wish to join us and celebrate that lifestyle, please do. If you're a part of some obscenity squad, may we suggest you move on.